iPhone 6 Prototype Teaser

News and Rumors About the iPhone 6 That You’ll Certainly Love to Hear

The iPhone 5S is less than six months old but buzzes about the iPhone 6 is becoming a hotter topic. Many people are wondering if it will be bigger or of the same size. Will it be joined by an iPhone 6C, or the iWatch and is it going to have standout features?

Well, the excitement will get more intense as none of these questions will be given answers for now. Tim Cook takes the stage later this year but we can’t wait until June or September but for now, you may enjoy all these news and gossips that we have.

It will be called iPhone 6 and it has a screen made of sapphire.

Screen Sapphire Glass for iPhone 6How long can Apple keep adding an ever-growing number to the name of its latest iPhone?  We could also see an iPhone Air, iPhone 6C, or iPhone Mini. The next iPhone(s) could have a screen made of sapphire and this is one of the craziest theories that we have now. Sapphire can be the most durable glass that you could ever have on the market.

A year ago, GT Advanced presented how sapphire could make smartphone screens nearly imperishable. GT Advanced now has a major contract with Apple. Correspondence between Apple and the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone, revealed by 9to5Mac that shows Apple plans to put this facility into action during February. An Apple executive said that the timescale is “aggressive”. While it is not yet clearly stated that sapphire will be the screens of the iPhone 6 and that remains to be a gossip now, the document says “Project Cascade” will be using a, “High-tech manufacturing process to create a critical new sub-component of Apple Products to be used in the manufacture of consumer electronics.”

As for now, there is no evidence in reference to the sapphire component of the iPhone 6 screen but it is worthy to note that Apple uses sapphire to cover the camera lens and the TouchID sensor on the iPhone 5S already. The material will have to take many months to prepare making an end of year release date, for whatever product it’s going to end up on, most likely.

iPhone 6 Prototype Teaser

Better camera and iOS 8 plus super slim 6mm body

The camera could get an elevation to 13-megapixels. Analysts from Nomura Securities are saying that the iPhone 6 will have better image stabilization and it will logically come with iOS 8 installed.

It is going to be Liquidmetal with curved screens and new sensors.

Non-screen related rumors are coming out. Reports say that Apple is working on new iPhone 6 models that come with “curved glass”.

Solar Charging and Bigger Screens

Smartphones are shifting towards larger displays and then comes solar charging screens. Definitely, these features are big ones to look forward to.

Its release can be as early as May or June.

Apple has announced its new iPhone 6 around September or October but Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said a June or late summer release is possible.

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